Office Hours

Our office is 938 Evans between the courtyard and the back elevators now over Discord. Come pay us a visit to buy food, sweaters, and other goodies, get information about upcoming events, use our coffee maker, microwave, library, or printer, or just relax and chat about math and life!


We're open from 12 PM to 5 PM on most weekdays. If you're looking for a particular officer, see our office hours below. To learn more about us, see our list of officers.

Some of our officers may be willing to answer questions about mathematics or certain courses. See their expertises on the officers page!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
12:00 PM Tarang Srivastava, Chidera Okenwa Emily Huffman, Tina Li Army Patel, Tina Li
1:00 PM Anthony Chen, Mason Haberle Sylvia Jin, Chris Randall Anthony Chen, Emily Huffman Sylvia Jin, Emily Huffman Mason Haberle, Anthony Chen
2:00 PM Army Patel, Chidera Okenwa Sylvia Jin, Bryce Goldman Anthony Chen, Mason Haberle Audrey Litvak, Chris Randall Tarang Srivastava, Austin Lei
3:00 PM Army Patel, Karan Agarwal Bryce Goldman, Chris Randall Audrey Litvak, Karan Agarwal Audrey Litvak, Bryce Goldman Katie Lamar, Austin Lei
4:00 PM Megan Morris Megan Morris Katie Lamar, Austin Lei
*Other office hours: Karan Dhir 10-11pm Monday, Lily Li 10am-12pm Wednesday, Andy Chen 5-6pm Wednesday

Food and Hoodies

Snack prices are posted here and in the office. We accept Venmo (preferred), cash, and card.

We also sell Berkeley Mathematics t-shirts and hoodies, which come in navy blue and gray. Shirts are $15, and hoodies are $30.

Freezer and Refrigerator
Ice Cream Bars $0.75 Uncrustables $1.00
Hot Pocket $1.00 Burrito/Chimichanga $1.25
Tamales $1.50 Muffin $1.00
Applesauce $0.75
Sparkling Apple Juice $1.25 Capri Sun $0.50
Soda/Spindrift $0.75 Chocolate Milk $1.00
Coconut Water $1.25 Tea (Green or Black) $0.25
Coffee or Hot Chocolate (K-cup) $1.00
Mac & Cheese $1.25 Cup Noodles $0.50
Shin Ramen Cup $1.75 Trail Mix $0.75
Soft & Chewy Bars $0.25 Ritz/Chips/Bites $0.50
Classic Chips/Cheeez-Its/Popcorn $0.50 Flamin' Hot Chips/Pringles $0.75
Seaweed $1.25 Assorted Candies (Sour Patch, etc.) $0.50 for 3
Fruit by the Foot $0.50 Milano Cookies $0.50
Rice $1.25